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Test Drive your way - We bring the test drive to you

Tell us where to meet you. Select a date, time and location that fits your schedule. Test drive from your home, workplace, or any place. A friendly, knowledgeable specialist will bring the vehicle to you.
Stay up to date We will contact you to confirm the appointment. Then you will receive email and text confirmation with vehicle details and the product specialist’s details and contact number. We will send a text when the vehicle is on the way, and once again once the vehicle arrives.
We arrive, You drive You’re in control! Choose a familiar route. Test the boot space. Invite friends, coworkers or family members. The specialist will provide you with as much or as little product information as you desire.

Everything you need to know...

  • Your Drive Your Way is a free service.
  • You must be at least XX years of age, and possess a valid driver's license that is not suspended or restricted.
  • At the start of your test drive you will be asked to show your valid driver license.
  • You will need to agree to the Retailer’s Terms and Conditions of your test drive.
  • Product Specialists are fully trained professionals employed by <<insert retailer name>>
  • We offer the service in the <<Maidstone / Romford and Lakeside >> area(s), in the following postcodes: <<insert postcodes provided>>
  • Your Drive Your Way service is available during selected times and is subject to availability.
  • The Test Drive will last up to 30 minutes depending on your chosen route, and within that time the vehicle must arrive at your pre-agreed final location.
  • On completion of your test drive, we will also ask you to respond to a short satisfaction survey.
  • This service is available for private buyers. For company car drivers and fleet buyers please contact 0330 587 8221 for a FREE 3 Day Test Drive.
  • Your safety is our first priority. All our product specialists are employees of our company and their details will be shared with you. We can be in contact with our Vehicle specialists at any time during the test drive and most of our vehicles contain vehicle tracking.
  • When booking your reservation, you’re agreeing to be contacted by your chosen Retailer and General Motors UK Ltd t/a Vauxhall ("Vauxhall") on the mobile phone and email provided for the purposes of providing your test drive.
  • OnStar Privacy - Some vehicles are equipped with ONSTAR SERVICES. OnStar will actively collect, use, and share information related to my use of the vehicle through these OnStar Services. This information includes, but is not limited to: vehicle location data, vehicle make/model/trim, performance data, time of use, ignition on/off status, odometer, oil life remaining, tire pressure, high/low impact events, and use of individual OnStar Services. OnStar's collection, use, and sharing of this information as described in the OnStar Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement, available at http://www.vauxhall.co.uk/onstar
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I take the car?

    You can drive the vehicle wherever you like, so long as the route is suitable for vehicles and concludes at the agreed end location! If you would prefer your vehicle specialist can come prepared with a route recommendation.

    Who do I call / contact if I have questions

    Our team is available for you to call on <<insert number>> during the hours of x am to x pm Monday–Friday and x am to x pm Saturday–Sunday.

    How will I know if the vehicle is coming to the pick up location and on time?

    You will be notified when the vehicle leaves the Retailer and the estimated arrival time, vehicle registration and the Product Specialist’s name will be confirmed. You will also have the Product Specialist’s telephone number so you can call or text at any time.

    What happens if I am late?

    You will have the Product Specialist’s telephone number so you can directly notify the him/her or contact our team on the details above.

    Can I take people in the car with me

    Yes you can carry as many passengers as there is safety belts for in the car. Please remember to include the vehicle specialist in the count as they will remain with the vehicle at all times. Children are welcome too as long as they have the age appropriate legal child seats. Please be aware you will be expected to supply the child seats. If possible please make us aware your intention to carry children at you time of booking so we allow extra time to fit and remove the car seats.

    What if I get pulled over while I am driving?

    You are responsible for any moving vehicle and parking violations. In the event you get pulled over, your Product Specialist will assist in providing vehicle registration and insurance information.


    The vehicle will be fuelled and you will not be charged for usage.

    Who do I contact if I want to buy or get more information about the car

    Your Product Specialist can arrange a VIP appointment for you to provide more information or an instant quote. In addition, he/she will ensure that you have contact details for a Sales Consultant who can directly help you. After your test drive, we will send a link with a survey, and contained in this will also be contact details to gain more information.